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About us

At Frame, we build brands from within the culture of gaming, offering full-service strategic and creative solutions. As a borderless agency with industry-leading expertise, we help brands find an authentic voice and connect them to the largest and most hard-to-reach market of consumers. Join us as we shape the future of this industry and culture.

A cute 3d robot which is a mascot of Frame. On their belly the robot has a triangle with three computers inside of it.


For more than two decades, there have been skeptics who doubted the staying power of gaming as a form of entertainment. Today, gaming has become a truly global phenomenon and a dominant force within our modern pop-culture. No longer is gaming viewed as an esoteric lifestyle confined to dark basements; it is a vibrant and social activity that attracts a diverse crowd. A great example of this transformation can be seen in the changing dynamic between movies and games - while movies used to be adapted into games, today games often inspire award-winning movies and series.