The frame team


John Uggla

Managing Director

Christoffer Åhlund

Senior Strategist

Nino El Khoury

Creative Direction

Alice Sandström

Design & Creative Strategy

Björn Ehrnberg

Sales & Corporate Communication

Jasmin Juzbasic

Social Media & Community

Nadja Segerdahl

Business Operations

Devina Lindberg

Project Management & Gaming Relations

Patrick Iu

Creative Project Management & Sales

Marcus Berggren

Head of Agency

An icon depicting three computers communicating with each other through a network.
A cute 3d robot which is a mascot of Frame. On their belly the robot has a triangle with three computers inside of it.
The frame office sitting in a dream like forrest filled with retro electronics. There are seven frame employees in the image all in 90s business attire. They are all playing hard – listening to music, reading comics, watching tv and playing games.