Famous Gaming investors, Iconic Esport Player Invest in FRAME

An image split in half Joakim "Akke" Akterhall on the left together with the Frame logo to the right.


Joakim ”Akke” Akterhall alongside Daniel Rapp, and Magnus Rapp are joining FRAME. The trio will become significant minority shareholders and contribute to Nordic's biggest gaming agency with its expertise in the industry.
"We are incredibly proud to have secured this investment and are very pleased with the individuals we are bringing in With this trio on the board, FRAME's already high level of expertise is further increased," says Kunal Chopra, CEO and co-founder of FRAME.


With these investors on the board, Frame will have access to their unique expertise in everything from fintech and investments to game development and esports, and they will help FRAME strengthen its position as the leading gaming communications agency in the Nordics.

In the world of esports, Joakim "Akke" Akterhall needs no introduction. He became a legend in the Dota scene as he, along with his teammates in Alliance, won The International 2013. For those not involved in esports, a TI title can be equated to a World Cup gold in football. After "Akke" retired from competitive gaming, he began a successful career as a software engineer with a focus on game development.

Daniel and Magnus Rapp arrives most recently from ventures such as Nørdlight, Doubledragon, and Twitch Trigger Fingers. Cumulatively, the Rapp brothers have more than 20 years of experience in the industry, both as executives and as investors. The acquisition of a portion of FRAME is in-line with the duo’s overarching vision to invest in, and support, Swedish gaming.

”We are thrilled to join FRAME and look forward to further expanding the operational foundation the agency has built in such a short time. Gaming has become mainstream, but no other agency in the Nordics understands the industry like FRAME does, so for us, it was a no-brainer to join the cause and help brands communicate with the gaming audience while at the same time contributing to the culture around me and my brother’s favorite pastime,” says Magnus Rapp.


FRAME Poised to Take the Next Step

Having already been nominated for the most prestigious PR award in Sweden, FRAME has cemented its position as the leading Nordic agency for brands who want to communicate with games. The agency will now have the resources needed to take the next step in its growth. With these investments, FRAME will strengthen its position in the market and demonstrate its ability to attract investors who believe in the company's potential to transform the industry. All while staying humble and generating as much added value to the entire market as possible. 

“Considering how we managed to generate profit during our first full operational year, we are firmly convinced that we will keep moving forward and expanding into new markets.” says chairman, John Uggla.