Industry Expert, Christoffer Åhlund, joins as Senior Strategist

Christoffer Åhlund at the Frame Office, smiling

FRAME strengthens their position within the gaming and esports industry by recruiting Christoffer Åhlund as the new Senior Strategist. Åhlund, formerly a Project Manager who pioneered Nord DDB’s venture into gaming and esports, boasts a prolific track record, having collaborated with giants like McDonald's and Riot Games. He now brings his expansive expertise to the premier gaming communication agency in the Nordics.

– With Christoffer on our team, we haven’t simply gotten one of the most experienced profiles, but also an individual with great passion and understanding for this unique environment, says Kunal Chopra, co-founder of FRAME.

Two years have passed since FRAME started their operation and has today cemented their place at the top of the list of communication agencies within the gaming industry. Demonstrating robust financial health with a positive operating profit in its maiden year, FRAME is set to surpass its previous benchmarks. This upward trajectory is further propelled by the acquisition of talent like Christoffer Åhlund from Nord DDB.

Stepping into FRAME, Åhlund not only assumes the role of Senior Strategist but also joins the executive leadership. Alongside the prodigious talent pool at FRAME, he is poised to elevate the agency to unprecedented success.

– To be able to share ideas with like-minded individuals and discuss ways to get a skin care brand into to the gaming community, or what games you look forward to the most with passionate nerds is something I look forward to now that I’m here at Frame, he adds.

Åhlund’s extensive background in marketing has solidified his reputation in the gaming sector, especially for his perceptive dealings with clients and their target demographics. A notable highlight from his tenure at NORD DDB was his innovative endeavor to bridge the Ronald McDonald House initiative with the digital realm, using the Roblox platform.

– Gaming has gone from being trendy flavor of the month buzz to becoming a central and market-critical channel for brands. The companies that have Millenialls, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha as their target demographic will need to develop a strategy and move towards the gaming industry. Being able to help clients understand the strength of this community and the potential it has is something that I am passionate about.