CS:GO major networking dinner

Big blue jumbotron displaying the logo of the PGL major tournament in Stockholm 2021.



How can PGL expand its B2B venture, mainly focusing on non-endemic companies to the gaming sphere, in conjunction with the PGL Major Stockholm event?



Being based in Bucharest and with a heavy focus on organising the biggest esport tournament to date, PGL was already under time constraints and lacked the necessary connections to create an event designed to cater to non-endemic Chief Marketing Officers in Sweden.



PGL entrusted FRAME with managing the B2B accommodations for the tournament. We devised an innovative approach of inviting top non-endemic Chief Marketing Officers to Stockholm, providing them with a prestigious booth at the Avicii Arena, and facilitating networking opportunities while they enjoyed the electrifying esports event from the stands.



The event was a major success, with over 300 brands represented, including powerhouses such as Vattenfall, Microsoft, and Svenska Spel. FRAME's pioneering approach provided a unique and valuable experience for those in positions of influence who had never been introduced to the world of esports.

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