JBL Quantum

Dreamhack booth & activation

A gamer sitting by the PC wearing JBL Quantom headphones.



How can JBL Quantum increase its market share in gaming? How can JBL Quantum gain credibility within the gaming community?



As a well-known headset and speaker company that was yet to become a staple brand in the gaming community, JBL Quantum faced the challenge of building credibility and recognition within this community.



JBL Quantum contracted FRAME to create a custom-tailored strategy, which included signing key sponsorship agreements with industry players such as Esportstudion, Eyeballers, and high profile FPS content creators, to raise the profile of the JBL Quantum brand. FRAME leveraged its expertise in the gaming industry to help JBL Quantum reach the right audience and gain credibility in the gaming community. By attending DreamHack Winter, JBL Quantum nurtured and increased brand awareness among the 40.000 people attending the event and further thousands who consumed the content created at DH.



JBL Quantum participated in DreamHack, and the legends from Eyeballers were present at their booth. These efforts helped JBL Quantum gain recognition and credibility within the gaming industry, achieving its objectives of increasing market share. Our partnership and strategy proved successful in assisting JBL Quantum to enter the gaming industry and establish itself as a credible player.

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