GeoGuessr, the celebrated geography game you can play in your browser. Despite its popularity among geography enthusiasts, GeoGuessr sought to elevate its status to a mainstream audience and solidify its presence within the competitive gaming scene.



To address this challenge, we conceived the groundbreaking concept of the GeoGuessr World Cup. By transforming GeoGuessr from a casual browser game into a competitive esports tournament, we aimed to capture the attention of both mainstream audiences and dedicated gamers alike. The GeoGuessr World Cup introduced a unique twist to traditional esports competitions by utilizing the entire globe as the playing field.



The GeoGuessr World Cup exceeded all expectations, garnering significant attention from mainstream media outlets and the gaming community alike. With over 190 press clippings and a staggering potential reach of 1.1 billion, the tournament captured the imagination of audiences worldwide.

By showcasing the thrill of exploration and competition, the GeoGuessr World Cup successfully elevated GeoGuessr's profile to new heights. The tournament not only expanded GeoGuessr's audience but also established its credibility within the competitive gaming scene.

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