Sculpting Sound with Precision



In a market buzzing with audio solutions, Innit introduced an avant-garde spatial sound awareness tool. But how do you make a standout impression amidst the cacophony of competitors?



Dive deep into the crux of user needs, understand their pain points, and establish how Innit rises above the competition through the use of a tailor-made marketing plan.



Firstly, Frame analyzed the brands already occupying the market. Through diligent research, Frame’s creative team designed the entire brand book that would propel Innit into existence with a fashionable look. 

Additionally, Frame sculpted a dynamic go-to-market blueprint that outlined the early steps of generating attention and brand awareness in a hectic market. Among the touching points were:

Pricing & Trial Method: Crafted through rigorous research.

Audience Analysis: Tailored to resonate with the core user base.

Campaign Evolution: Spotlighting Innit's unparalleled audio advantage.

Marketing: Targeted campaigns magnifying Innit’s prowess, echoing the distinct needs of users.

KPIs in Progress:

While our strategy unfurls, early indicators showcase a spike in Innit’s brand visibility, user engagement, and a sturdy foothold in the market. Metrics like website footfall, conversion upticks, user feedback, and revenue surges keep us on our toes, refining our approach.

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