JBL Quantum

Crafting a Symphony in the World of Gaming



JBL, revered in audio circles, sought to amplify its resonance within the gaming fraternity. The quest? Forge credibility and deepen its roots in a passionate community.



To echo within the gaming realm, JBL Quantum needed more than just its brand name. It needed authentic connections with industry linchpins and hands-on involvement.



Frame curated a potent strategy for JBL Quantum:

Partnerships: Sealed deals with esports mavens like Esportstudion, Eyeballers, and top-tier FPS content creators.

On-ground Engagement: Graced the grandeur of DreamHack Winter, letting JBL immerse in the very pulse of the gaming community. 40,000 attendees felt the JBL Quantum vibe, complemented by many more online, riding the DreamHack content wave.


At DreamHack, JBL Quantum's booth shone with the legends from Eyeballers, amplifying the brand's gaming authenticity. With Frame's tactical maneuvers, JBL Quantum not only leveled up its gaming market share but solidified its reputation as a genuine player.

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