Leveling Up the Game of Engagement



Stimorol, a brand synonymous with refreshing experiences, aimed to connect with the ever-growing gaming audience in Denmark. With their solid sponsorship of the CS:GO powerhouse, Astralis, the stage was set. Yet, how could they exploit this partnership to truly resonate with gamers?



In the world of gaming, authenticity reigns supreme. Frame recognized this innate trait and envisioned a commercial centered around the pulse of Astralis players. Rather than just a conventional ad, we'd tap into the vigor, passion, and ethos of Astralis – creating a visual narrative that spoke the gamer’s language.



Staying true to the beat of the gaming world, Frame meticulously produced a commercial that was more than just visuals; it was an entirely new way to perceive the Danish superstars. By merging the refreshing essence of Stimorol with the prowess of Astralis, we curated an ad that was both exhilarating and relatable to the Danish gaming community.


Broadcasted on premier platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Danish TV.

4-month visibility, maximizing reach ahead of the festive season.

Targeted reach to Denmark's gaming populace, ensuring focused brand engagement.

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